Australian Visas for Diesel Mechanics

It has come to our attention at Phillip Silver & Associates that there is a serious shortage of Diesel Mechanics in Australia. We are able to assist qualified Diesel Mechanics under the age of 45 to apply for a Permanent residence in Australia.

To apply for Permanent residence, Diesel Mechanics will have to first meet English language testing, skill assessment requirements.Diesel Mechanic is on the medium term skills list which means a temporary visa can be granted for four years with the pathway to apply for Permanent residence. If you meet the points test,direct permanent residence may be explored.

Diesel Mechanics must first obtain a positive skill assessment to demonstrate that their skills and experience as a South African Diesel Mechanic is equal to the Australian skill level.

Please see below a detailed explanation of what is required for the skill assessment.

If you require professional assistance to immigrate to Australia as a Diesel Mechanic please contact who will put you in touch one of our professional lawyers at Phillip Silver & Associates.

Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA president Tony Seabrook said the current skills shortage is posing additional occupational health and safety risks for the agricultural industry due to WA’s farmers having to pull longer hours than usual

Mr Seabrook said the shortage of skilled workers had been exacerbated by the State’s mining boom which had driven a lot of workers up north due to higher wages and extended to all trades from mechanics, electricians, auto-electricians, truck drivers, plant operators to farm hands.

“Rather than putting money into training Australian workers, Mr Seabrook said the most effective solution would be the State and Federal governments establishing a streamlined and inexpensive way of bringing in skilled and semi-skilled labour from overseas”.


Tractors are running out the door following the extension of the instant asset write off scheme at Hamilton’s John Deere dealer. Sam Brown, Branch Manager says dealers are having problems getting well trained and seasonal diesel mechanics

“So the diesel mechanic shortage is defiantly a tough one, especially well trained and seasoned mechanics is a hard one but also too the younger mechanics coming through, there’s not a big attraction to the mechanic industry because people assume that it’s bad money, and it’s hard work and it’s walking around in mud and working on old machinery, but a lot of it is new machinery and it’s in great working conditions and even with laptops and mobile phones. There’s a huge focus on precision ag now as well.

Eligibility Assessment

Apply for an eligibility assessment to migrate and work in Australia, this includes a consultation (Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom) with Australian Immigration Lawer Phillip Silver (MARN-0957639). There are many complexities associated with migration and we have a deep understanding of the challenges that need to be met.

Our Process

  1. We perform a comprehensive Eligibility Assessment to establish whether you meet the Visa criteria to migrate and work in Australia.
  2. We provide you with a professional CV template for you to complete and upload.
  3. Once this Assessment has been completed and if successful, we will submit your CV and details to our network of Australian Farmers / Employers.
  4. We will then assist you with finding a suitable sponsored job in Australia and completing the paperwork and legalities accordingly.

Apply for an Eligibility Assessment