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Are you looking to find a suitable job in Australia that is aligned to your experience and skills?

South Africa has a similar climate to Australia and its farming regions, which means farmers and trades people (including mechanics) from South Africa have a sound knowledge of Australian farming practices and equipment. Australia’s lifestyle, culture and working conditions make it the perfect location to work.

Have you applied for a job in Australia and received no reply? Or were told that you are not eligible as you do not have work rights for Australia? There is a skills shortage, job opportunities and we can help!

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We have assisted MANY South African Farmers and Technical Trades to find suitable work and obtain visas to live and work in Australia. See our testimonials in this regard.

Farming and Trades Australia Pty Ltd are specialists in this field. We have an impressive network of Australian farm owners from various regions in Australia and across all sectors within Livestock, Mixed Cropping and Horticulture. Our Australian clients in the agricultural sector in Australia are willing to be sponsors and offer employment for experienced and skilled employees from South Africa. 

To work in Australia, you require a visa. This can be complicated.

In addition to assisting you in finding a job in Australia, we can assist you to obtain a suitable visa. We are aligned with a leading firm of Australian Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents who specializes in Australian visas, including in the agricultural sector. They specialise in providing migration solutions for Australia and have an outstanding track record of getting sponsored visas and travel exemptions approved.

In summary, we can assist you with the entire end-to-end process: reviewing your CV and Cover Letter, matching your skills to job requirements, assisting you in finding suitable jobs in Australia, introducing you to our Australian business network of sponsors and to a reputable firm of Australian Migration Lawyers specialising in Agriculture and Technical Trades.

Farming and Trades Australia Pty Ltd 
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Eligibility Assessment

Apply for an eligibility assessment to migrate and work in Australia, this includes a consultation (Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom) with Australian Immigration Lawer Phillip Silver (MARN-0957639). There are many complexities associated with migration and we have a deep understanding of the challenges that need to be met.

Our Process

  1. We perform a comprehensive Eligibility Assessment to establish whether you meet the Visa criteria to migrate and work in Australia.
  2. We provide you with a professional CV template for you to complete and upload.
  3. Once this Assessment has been completed and if successful, we will submit your CV and details to our network of Australian Farmers / Employers.
  4. We will then assist you with finding a suitable sponsored job in Australia and completing the paperwork and legalities accordingly.

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