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We act on behalf of Australian farmers from various regions in Australia and across diverse farming sectors. We are ideally structured to provide a professional Australianvisa service to Australianfarming businesses. We have made a commitment to offering the best Australian migration advice and service possible to assisting Australian farm businesses who are seeking to fill skill shortages by sponsoring South African farmers.

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Are you looking to sponsor a South African farmer to work for you in Australia to fill your skill shortages. We can source skilled South African farmers suitable for Australia who are eligible for visas to work in Australia. Ifyou unable to find a suitable Australiancandidate with the necessary industry experience, qualifications or knowledge we have candidates from South Africa who can fill your skill shortage and you shouldsponsor a South African farmer.

We are experienced at getting sponsorships approved for Australian Farmers, and visas and travel exemptions for South African farmers to work for Australian farming businesses.

South Africa, having a similar climate to Australia and its farming regions, means farmers and mechanics from South Africa have a sound knowledge of Australian farming practices and farming equipment.

If your machinery breaks down, we know it is difficult to source Diesel Mechanics to fix your equipment and you may lack the specialist knowledge and skills to be safety compliant. Many South African Farmers have all the necessary skills, experience and qualifications which include mechanical and technical trade skills.

Sponsored farmers from South Africa will pay for the visa application fees for themselves and their families (they should have skin in the game). This confirms their commitment.

For the South African farmers, the level of appreciation for the opportunity to hang up their guns, (escape the looting and the criminals and a government trying to expropriate their farms) and have the opportunity to be sponsored to work on a farm in Australia, to live safely with their family, would be rewarded to the Australian sponsor with hard work and loyalty. The cost incurred by the Australian farming enterprise in sponsoring a South African farmer is money well spent.

There is a saying, “If you want loyalty, buy a dog.” We say, “If you want loyalty, sponsor a South African farmer.”

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