Farming Australia – Who we are

Farming Australia is a website created by Phillip Silver to help farmers seek employment in Australia, and to assist Australian farmers (by matching) to fill a skills shortage. Phillip Silver and Associates has law firms with established offices in both South Africa and Australia.

Phillip Silver

  • Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales (Australia)
  • Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN-0957639)

Phillip Silver is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN:0957639) and based in Sydney. Phillip is the founding partner of the well established law firms Phillip Silver and Associates in Johannesburg, South Africa and Sydney, Australia.

Phillip is a solicitor and has been practicing as a lawyer since 1990. Phillip is admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia.


“Danksy Phillip en sy span kan ons van vooraf weer begin droom, hierdie keer in ʼn land gevestig in sy omgee vir sy mense en waar wet en orde heers.”

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Eligibility Assessment

Apply for an eligibility assessment to migrate and work in Australia, this includes a consultation (Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom) with Australian Immigration Lawer Phillip Silver (MARN-0957639). There are many complexities associated with migration and we have a deep understanding of the challenges that need to be met.

Our Process

  1. We perform a comprehensive Eligibility Assessment to establish whether you meet the Visa criteria to migrate and work in Australia.
  2. We provide you with a professional CV template for you to complete and upload.
  3. Once this Assessment has been completed and if successful, we will submit your CV and details to our network of Australian Farmers / Employers.
  4. We will then assist you with finding a suitable sponsored job in Australia and completing the paperwork and legalities accordingly.

Apply for an Eligibility Assessment